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Ergonomic furniture can be a great solution to eliminate bodily discomfort! Medical transcriptionists & computer users know the frustration of bodily discomforts

Working at home for long hours can serve to be a tall order. It comes with many new challenges. One of the

Have you ever suffered from intense or recurring pain after a long day of work? If the answer is yes, you’re not

For years, parents have been frantically concerned about their children carrying heavy bags to school. So much so, that governments in several countries have announced

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Poor posture can be caused by habits from our everyday activities such as sitting in office chairs, staring at the computer, carrying a purse over

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Many of us have jobs that require us to sit at desks or several hours per day. After sitting for almost 10 hours a day

Ergonomic furniture for active workspaces

Today, advances in technology have transformed the way we learn, communicate, shop and travel. At the same time, technology has transformed the way we work

Sitting posture correction with ergonomic furniture

If you think back to childhood, there’s a good chance you’ll remember your parents admonishing you to “sit straight!” They were spot on in trying

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In times of COVID-19, many people are working from home. Although they used their laptops at home for a short duration, they are now working

Escape from the Aches and Pains of Work from Home

Improve your productivity and wellbeing With COVID-19 restrictions being in place for so long, people working from home find they are tired of it and