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Ergonomic Alternatives for Your Personal Workstation

With the shift to remote working during the pandemic, ergonomics is key to our personal workspaces. We heavily rely on smart devices that require craning the neck, straining the eyes, and remaining in seated positions for long hours.

Opus Indigo brings you ergonomic home office furniture and accessories in India.Our elegant and well-researched designs help you avoid musculoskeletal disorders, awkward postures, and the ill-effects of continuous laptop use.

You may want to work sitting, standing or squatting. Choose from our variety of laptop stands, sit/stand desks and workstation chairs for improved posture, better blood circulation and enhanced focus.

The Opus Indigo Advantage

PowErgo: Ergonomic laptop support and power manager By Opus Indigo

Avoid eye strain as you work at your desk. Adjust the height of your device or your seat to view the screen at your eye level. Our sit/stand desk converters let you lift the laptop or desktop screen to the correct level.

Arise LIFT: Sit/stand desk converter with Aktiv Chair by Opus Indigo

Our chairs and desk converters are adjustable and help activate your back, neck and shoulder muscles. They are designed to let your back stay upright whether you choose to sit or stand while working.

AriseGo: Portable ergonomic stand for laptops, tablets, and smartphones by Opus Indigo

Opus Indigo understands that workspaces, especially at home, are of many kinds. Our furniture comes in unique designs to occupy minimal space in your home. Our functional and elegant style also helps each piece blend in with the layout of the room.

Introducing Your New Favourite Ergonomic Furniture

Stay Active with Opus

By design, Opus’s furniture reminds you to take short breaks – you get to break the pattern of repetitive movement that leads to stress on your limb muscles and even increase the number of steps you take in a day.

Defining the Ergonomic Workstation

Convenient screen displays, elevated tabletops, unconventionally shaped keyboards and mouses, anti-glare screens, chairs that free the hamstrings…

The common thread binding all these objects is how conducive they are to the long-term well-being of the user. Each one is designed to adapt to the movements and limitations of the human body.

Why Switch to Ergonomic Designs

Here are many reasons one needs ergonomic products in their day-to-day:

Desk jobs and working at the computer for many hours at a stretch put us at the risk of orthopaedic diseases and repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel. Since the use of smart devices pervades all ages, ergonomics is useful for children's spaces too.

Excessive screen time, looking at the screen at odd angles, and poor lighting cause ocular health issues such as dry eyes, blurry vision, painful eye discomfort, light sensitivity and headaches.

Uncomfortable furniture makes it hard to focus and be productive; meanwhile, chairs that are too comfortable lead to prolonged sitting and its consequences: weight gain, weakened leg muscles, spinal cord compression, heart disease and more.

When a workstation is designed ergonomically, many advantages follow:

Arise LIFT: Sit/stand desk converter with Aktiv Chair by Opus Indigo

The chairs and tabletop angles redirect the body to adopt a better posture immediately and ensure comfort at the same time.

Lift Grande: Sit/Stand Desk Converter with Wishbone Ergonomic Table

The furniture and accessories have mechanisms to adjust their height and angles.

PowErgo: Ergonomic laptop stand and power manager by Opus Indigo

You get a clean desk. Ergonomic tabletop accessories help you stay free from clutter on and around the desk by managing cables and wires.

More Solutions by Opus Indigo

Spatial limitations, improper posture, and an inactive lifestyle are just a few concerns many people face today. The best minds at Opus Indigo consider various vital factors while designing unique ergonomic solutions that solve these problems.
Institute of Indian Interior Designers, CEGR (Center for Education Growth and Research), Space Design Consultants
Institute of Indian Interior Designers, CEGR (Center for Education Growth and Research), Space Design Consultants