Ergonomic Children’s Furniture for their Growing Years

In the early years of a child’s development, good posture is crucial. As kids do fun craft activities, write, read, draw, solve jigsaw puzzles or use electronic devices, one must optimise their environment for greater comfort and reduce the chances of injury.
Introducing MyRa, the ergonomic table and seat set for children. Suitable for kids 39 to 55 inches tall (5 to 9 years) and up to 50 kg in weight, this furniture set comes in several colours. The paint used to coat the chair and table is non-toxic and child-safe.
Kids don’t always sit still; you can modify the seat height and change the tabletop angle to flat or tilted so they hold objects at the correct eye level. The footrest ensures an upright posture and improves blood circulation.

The Opus Indigo Advantage


Did your child grow taller? MyRa furniture keeps up. Just adjust the height of the table or chair seat and alter the angles of the tabletop till the object in the child’s hand is at the right distance from their eyes.


The MyRa furniture set includes a rocking chair, a feature that makes learning fun for kids. The chair and its movement help children self-regulate their energy and redirect their focus on the colouring book, storybook, or electric device in their hands.


Our children’s study table has strategically located cup holders. While reading or writing, the child can simply reach out for crayons, pencils, and a sipper or cup organised conveniently within the architecture of the workstation.

Introducing Your New Favourite Ergonomic Furniture

Why Children’s Spaces Need Ergonomic Intervention

Ergonomics is the answer to not only home offices and commercial workplaces but also children’s furniture. Whether at school or at home, the best children’s furniture is lightweight, portable and customisable; it encourages good posture and prevents the early onset of orthopaedic disorders.
Beyond the vibrant colours and patterns of a children’s room, it’s useful to consider choosing the right kids’ study tables and chairs:

Indoor spaces should ideally be favourable to the physical development of young children and not restrict movement.

At the same time, learning and cognition also deserve great attention in the formative years. Furniture should be comfortable and encourage the child to focus on the activity they are engaged in.

Every piece must not only fit the young user. To the extent possible, desks and chairs should be adaptable and “grow” with them at their pace.​

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