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Ergonomic Classroom Furniture Options in India

Educational institutions are witnessing a burgeoning increase in students today. The style of teaching and learning has also evolved towards more creative methods. The infrastructure must now include vast floor space (which can prove expensive), flexible furniture that is easily movable, and electronic device support.
From children’s furniture to teen study desk-and-chair sets, Opus Indigo has something for everyone. Our Chair-a-Mez contributes to progressive educational environments and new pedagogical methods based on interaction.
Ergonomic Chair and Lockdown Table by Opus Indigo

The Opus Indigo Advantage

Classroom Chair with Lockdown Table

Our classroom furniture solutions make movement easy. The tables swivel effortlessly; you can sit in multiple positions and interact freely.

Classroom table and chair

Do you need to clear the floor for a group activity? You can shift the furniture quickly because each piece fits compactly into the other.

Customized Ergonomic furniture with lockdown table

It’s easy to rearrange the lightweight and foldable chairs and tables while reorganising objects and changing the look of the room.

Rethinking Your Furniture?

If you’re planning to revamp your workplace, classroom, or your child’s activity corner with ergonomic furniture, feel free to discuss your ideas with us.

Countering the Limitations of Traditional Classrooms

In recent years, a lot of research has gone into the disadvantages of the older, conventional models of the classroom:

Interaction is restricted and hierarchical.

The one-size-fits-all approach to furniture proves uncomfortable for kids and teenagers as they grow.

The cookie-cutter designs limit communication and functionality.

Meanwhile, this is how ergonomic furniture helps:

Limits fidgeting and helps channelise the student’s energy and attention toward what they’re learning.

Adjusts to the student's movement, adapts to their physical growth, and thus has a positive influence on posture.

Adapts to active methods of teaching and engagement as well as innovative classroom plans.

Teaching Has Evolved, but Classrooms Have Not!

To drive better learning and improved outcomes, progressive schools have adopted new pedagogical methods which use multiple techniques for interaction with students.
Each of these techniques requires a different layout of furniture in the classroom. Ergonomic designs are, in fact, crucial for children and adolescents in their formative years as they encourage better postures early on and help create the ideal space for learning.

Opus’s study tables and chairs ensure you don’t slouch while using books or laptops. They’re also light enough for the average person to pick up and remove. Thus, one can change the layout of the space anytime and clean the room thoroughly.

Teaching Has Evolved, but Classrooms Have Not!

classroom furniture by Opus Indigo

Active Furniture for Progressive Classrooms

Lockdown table with ergonomic chair for classroom

Active Furniture for Progressive Classrooms

Since most traditional classroom furniture is restrictive by design, it doesn’t allow the flexibility that progressive classrooms need. Opus Indigo’s Chair-a-Mez is a unique ergonomic furniture system that caters to the various needs of progressive classrooms by:

Introducing Your New Favourite Ergonomic Furniture

More Solutions by Opus Indigo

Spatial limitations, improper posture, and an inactive lifestyle are just a few concerns many people face today. The best minds at Opus Indigo consider various vital factors while designing unique ergonomic solutions that solve these problems.
Institute of Indian Interior Designers, CEGR (Center for Education Growth and Research), Space Design Consultants
Institute of Indian Interior Designers, CEGR (Center for Education Growth and Research), Space Design Consultants