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Get inspired – knowledge and tips galore! Read up on our latest blog posts on posture solutions, work from home workstyle, tips to improve spinal health, ergonomic furniture, and more. Opus Indigo offers a wealth of information to help you and your family maintain a healthy posture.

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Best Ergonomics

Working on your computer all day poses a risk to your posture health and can affect your productivity. Update your home with furniture from the house of Opus Indigo that comes with the best ergonomics to enhance well-being and eliminate health issues.

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You've come to the right place. All our furniture items listed here are either in stock ready to be delivered or available for express delivery. With Opus Indigo furniture, transform Work from Home with style and increase work productivity

Innovative Furniture

Opus Indigo offers a fresh perspective on furniture. Each of our products reduces the number of physical afflictions that are part of today’s device-driven work life. That’s why we spare no effort in delivering exceptionally functional, ergonomic and environmentally-sensitive furniture that adds value to its user’s health.

Solutions we provide

Personal work spaces

The common constituent of contemporary personal workspaces is the laptop computer.

Spaces for Education

To drive better learning and improved outcomes, progressive schools have adopted

Children’s Spaces

With Myra’s ergonomic table and chair, enhance your child’s creativity by giving them

Office Spaces

Today, most organizations face challenges related to employee productivity and absenteeism,