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Why Should You Be Using a Portable Laptop Stand for Work?

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Have you ever suffered from intense or recurring pain after a long day of work? If the answer is yes, you’re not the only one dealing with work-related pains. Despite their many benefits, laptops have a critical design flaw- the ergonomics of laptops are incredibly poor. 

Most teens and adults face neck, wrist or lower back problems caused by improper laptop usage. What starts as a minor problem is aggravated by frequent use over a long period of time. Since many prefer to use their laptops on their bed or end up hunching over to view the laptop screen, it isn’t surprising that musculoskeletal problems are so common. 

Does Using Laptops Cause Health Risks?

Laptops have transformed the way we work. It allows workers to have more flexible hours and not be stuck in the never-ending 9-5 work loop. With a laptop, you can work from anywhere, anytime. 

While it is great for those working remotely or from home, it also has a few disadvantages. Generally, regular tables are not of optimal height, and when you place your laptop on them, you have to look down to view the screen. Your head and neck crane forward, straining your neck and shoulder muscles. 

Over time, it also affects your spine since you end up slouching for long periods. Although this starts as a minor ache, repetitive strain can lead to chronic health problems. This issue is so common that it is termed “tech neck.” 

Today, laptops are a vital aspect of everyday life for both workers and students. But long periods of laptop use increase your chances of developing an injury and cause long-term health problems. This is more commonly observed in children who spend a lot of time on laptops or mobile devices and desk workers. 

You can avoid the risk of such issues by elevating your screen to eye level for comfortable viewing. While you can improvise and use a stack of books or sturdy boxes, it is only a temporary solution. You don’t want to risk your device’s performance, and using a makeshift stand would block laptop ventilation, heating your device and causing damage to internal components. 

With an ergonomic setup, you can ensure your laptop is at the perfect viewing height and angle. You can also adjust your chair height to avoid neck strain and ensure your arms are not aching because of less than optimal table height. 

An ergonomic setup that supports your body’s neutral position can reduce the risk of pain or discomfort caused by everyday stressors on your body. The ideal position wouldn’t strain your neck, your arms would be close to your torso, your wrists wouldn’t be bent, and your spine wouldn’t be unnaturally curved. 

Although a proper ergonomic setup would allow you to sit in a proper position for long hours, you should take regular breaks or try to alternate between sitting and standing during work.

woman having backache while working from home

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mobile Laptop Stand?

Lifts Your Screen to Eye-Level: 

Adjustable laptop stands offer several height options so you can find the right position for pain-free viewing. The top of your laptop screen should be at eye level, and your arms relaxed. Your lower back should be in contact with your chair, and you shouldn’t have to crane your neck forward to view the screen. 

Lightweight & Portable: 

If you work on the go, you’ll need to ensure you have an ergonomic setup that you can carry easily. Generally, small laptop stands are portable, made of lightweight material that can be made compact for convenient travelling. You can get a mini keyboard to avoid wrist strain if you’re placing your laptop at an angle that would make it difficult to type.

Prevents Overheating Issues: 

Many laptop stands offer proper ventilation to prevent your laptop from overheating and damaging the internal components. Overheating can negatively impact your laptop performance and lower its lifespan. In some rare cases, abnormally high temperatures can cause injuries and explode your laptop. 

Increase Productivity: 

Working without pain can improve your focus, increase productivity and positively impact work quality. Without the distraction of discomfort, you will be able to increase your speed and accuracy. An adjustable tablet stand helps to ensure your posture is proper and will not strain your body, allowing you to avoid musculoskeletal pain.

Protection from Spills: 

Using a laptop stand helps to elevate the device and prevent damage in the cases of any accidental spills. Some laptop stands also have charging outlets that can be connected to the nearest plug point. It helps you comfortably position your laptop on the stand and avoid a nest of tangled wires on your work desk. 

Why Choose a Portable Laptop Stand to Create the Best Workspace?

Portable laptop stands are easy to pack and carry while perfectly adapting to your needs. Most of them are compatible with mobile devices and can double up as a heavy-duty tablet stand. The key to finding the best laptop stand is determining where you’ll use it the most. If you work at home, you might not need the portability function unless you work in hybrid mode.

For remote workers, portability and height-adjustable features are essential. Changing your posture can significantly impact your posture, and laptop stands can help to ensure this change is positive and not detrimental to your health. 

While ergonomics doesn’t boil down to just the height of your laptop screen, it can help avoid posture-related pains. For the best results, experts suggest a complete ergonomic setup regardless of where you are working from. If you are looking for ergonomic laptop stands that offer all the features you’ll ever need, get in touch with Opus Indigo.

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