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OPUS Arise Ergonomic Stand for Laptops and Desktop Monitors

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OPUS Arise Ergonomic Stand for Laptops and Desktop Monitors

Opus Indigo’s Arise is specially designed for improving productivity in your office and your home. It is an elegant addition to your office cabins/home furniture, while giving you the advantage of an ‘active’ work desk.

  1. Lifts laptop or display monitor to eye level
  2. Creates more working space at the table
  3. Improves working posture instantly
  4. Beautiful tabletop design with high-quality materials
  5. Works for 14.5-inch laptops of any brand
  6. For use with external keyboard and mouse

Key features:

1. Provides Instant Improvement in User’s Posture.

2. Suitable for Laptops (external keyboard and mouse required), Tablets and

3. Suitable for Mobile phones (external phone grip required).

4. Light-weight and compact.

5. This green product is made with sustainable materials and environmentally friendly finishes.

6. Requires 3-minute DIY assembly, tools included

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