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Sale ends in 10:00hrs - live countdown- this can help boost sales since running time creates a sense of FOMO/ any other marketing tactic/ offers can come here
Sale ends in 10:00hrs - live countdown- this can help boost sales since running time creates a sense of FOMO/ any other marketing tactic/ offers can come here

EeTeeGo: Table-mounted sit/stand fixture for laptop & desktop

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Brand: Opus Indigo Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Opus Indigo’s EeTeeGo is a unique workstation that helps people with long working hours adopt an active workstyle.

  • The table-mounted fixture for laptops and desktops converts an ordinary table into an ergonomic sit/stand workstation.
  • Consists of two shelves: one for a laptop and the other for a keyboard.
  • Based on the latest ergonomic research, it helps to get rid of neck and back pain.
  • The elegant look of this standing workstation complements all home decor styles.
  • The unique design allows squatting, sitting, and standing during work, so you don’t compromise your health with stiff postures.
  • Perfect for both adults and children learning at home and is made of recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Bulk pricing available for quantities of 2 units or more.
  • Price is inclusive of taxes as applicable.
  • Shipping charges applicable* outside Delhi NCR.


  • Distance between two shelves: Adjustable from 200 – 340 mm
  • Materials:
    • Shelves: Polished wood
    • Main shaft: Powder-coated aluminium
  • Upper shelf: 350×450 mm
  • Lower shelf: 400×650 mm
  • Weight: 15 kg


Q. Can I place my desktop computer on it?

A. EeTeeGo is compatible with both laptops and desktops.

Q. How do I set up the product?

A. EeTeeGo requires only 10 minutes of DIY installation.

Q. What is the difference between Opus Indigo’s EeTee and EeTeeGo?

A. Both EeTee and EeTeeGo are computer stands. However, EeTee is wall-mounted, and EeTeeGo is table-mounted.

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