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Opus Indigo EeTee Table Mounted Sit/Stand fixture for Laptop & Desktop

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Opus Indigo EeTee Table Mounted Sit/Stand fixture for Laptop & Desktop

Opus Indigo presents EeTeeGo for Laptop & Desktop computer users. Opus EeTeeGo is a unique workstation that helps computer users stop compromising their health.

  1. Opus Indigo EeTee brings an active workstyle to people with long working hours.
  2. Works for both laptops and desktops.
  3. Converts an ordinary table into an ergonomic sit/stand workstation
  4. Elegant design complements home décor.
  5. Based upon the latest ergonomic research, helps gets rid of neck and back pain
  6. Unique design can be used squatting, sitting, and standing
  7. Perfect for use by children Learning at Home
  8. Needs only 10 minutes of DIY installation.
  9. Product made of recycled and recyclable materials

Product Features

Two shelves one for laptop and other for keyboard tray

Distance between two shelves adjustable from 200 – 340 mm


Shelves: Polished wood

Main shaft: Powder-coated aluminum

Upper shelf: 350×450 mm

Lower shelf: 400×650 mm

Weight: 15 kg

Shipping charges applicable* outside Delhi NCR.

Price is inclusive of taxes as applicable.

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