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Opus Arise Flexi sit/stand Desk Converter

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Product Details
  1. Opus Arise Flexi brings an active lifestyle to people with long working hours.
  2. Elegant design that complements home décor.
  3. Improves work-life balance – laptop can be parked discreetly.
  4. Based upon the latest ergonomic research, helps gets rid of neck and back pain
  5. Converts an ordinary table into an ergonomic sit/stand workstation
  6. Fast 2-second movement from sit to stand. No cranking and no electricity
  7. Takes only 3 minutes of DIY installation.
  8. Unique design that works well even with standard dining tables.
  9. Suitable for zoom meetings. Has space for external speakers.
  10. Product made of recycled and recyclable materials


Keyboard Shelf: Height: -60mm to +265 mm from table top, 650 mm wide, 230 mm deep

Material: Engineered wood

Laptop shelf: Size: 445 mm width, 325 depth, height 125 to 450 above table top,

Material: Engineered wood

Base: 585mm wide x436 deep

Material: Painted engineered wood

Hydraulic lift: Supports up to 6 kg. of computers and accessories.

Delivered fully assembled.

Note: Sale of this item is final. 1-year warranty.

Price is inclusive of taxes as applicable.

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