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Opus Aktiv Chair

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Opus Aktiv Chair

  1. Opus Aktiv Chair brings you an active lifestyle
  2. Perfect for those who are tired of ugly black chairs that do not fit Work from Home
  3. Reminds user to be mobile during work hours
  4. Based upon Danish ergonomic research
  5. Improves posture and breathing
  6. Needs only one adjustment for a perfect fit
  7. Unique design allows different ways of sitting

Key features:

1. Promotes active use of back, neck, and shoulder muscles.
2. Keeps hamstring free of pressure.
3. Encourages users to get up every now and then.
4. No adjustments needed except for seat height with gas lift.
5. Seat revolves 360 degrees on 5 casters.
6. Suitable for tables up to 750 mm in height.

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Made in India

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