Why Children Need Active Furniture

For years, parents have been frantically concerned about their children carrying heavy bags to school. So much so, that governments in several countries have announced rules limiting the weight of school bags depending on a child’s age. But children also often sit for long hours on cramped and poorly designed school furniture, which impacts their health just as much, if not more. Even in the most affluent schools (and homes for that matter!), children’s furniture remains a topic that is sorely overlooked. In fact, some of the most common designs make it very difficult for the child to even get in or out or stand up with ease. Children come in all sizes, but school furniture does not. Even home furniture for children rarely fits them. We know that the slumped sitting posture is bad for grownups, but children are being forced into sitting to eat, to travel, to study in school, and for entertainment; and this starts at a tender age.
What to look for while choosing children’s furniture
Children need to be a lot more active than grown-ups. They need to use their muscles and motor abilities extensively so that they can develop fully. What they really don’t need is a cushioned seat and support for the back or the arms. If they must sit, all they should use is a stool of the right height. If they have to work at a table they can stand and work, but the best option is a table with a slanted top. This helps children immensely, as it brings their work closer to them and they don’t have to bend over to focus their eyes on their book/notebook. There was a time when slanted desks were common in schools, but they seem to be lost to us now.
The seat is also important. Children like to rock normal chairs whenever they have the possibility. A forward slanting seat gives children the possibility of sitting with the spine straight. Proper posture is an incredibly important barometer of musculoskeletal health for children, and poor posture can lead to several long-term health issues that go way beyond shoulder and back pain. Not only does poor posture impair a child’s flexibility and balance, but it can also affect his/her circulation, breathing and digestion.
So next time you go to buy a study table for your child, be sure to choose a model that not only looks good, but is actually good for his/her physical well-being. You can find an adjustable ergonomic table and chair set with slanted table and a rocking seat here: https://www.opusindigo.com/product/myraset/

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