In times of COVID-19, many people are working from home. Although they used their laptops at home for a short duration, they are now working all day on that and they need a better arrangement than what the dining table and chair can provide. The chair and table have to be such that the elbows are a few inches above the table level. The dining table and chair do not allow this relationship. People need a higher chair to bring their elbows above the dining table level. This is true for tall people but especially true for shorter persons. Adding a cushion to the chair may raise the seat but it also makes the seat too soft and unstable. Most dining chairs slope backwards whereas an ergonomic work chair ought to be flat or slope forwards. The solution for this problem is to make a 6” roll of yoga mat or a blanket, place it towards the back of the chair and sit on the roll.
Make sure that your sit with your sit bones on the roll and not your thighs. Once the roll flattens a bit, the chair seat works as if it is sloping forwards and the user sits in an open posture, legs sloping down, spine straight, thighs free of the chair and hamstrings relieved. This seat will remind you to get up every now and then – a good thing even for the office. This is the DIY Corona Seat, made with available materials without buying any equipment during the lockdown. Opus Indigo makes Aktivsaddle chairs that can work well with a dining table and Opus Arise for elevating the laptop to the correct level but we are unable to deliver them during the lockdown.

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Healthy WFH is the Way Forward

Are you still working on the sofa? Are backaches and neck pains your enemy? Don’t worry. Just bring home Opus Indigo ergonomic furniture tailored to make Work from Home healthy and comfortable.

Be Healthy, Work Better.

Working on your computer all day poses a risk to your posture health and can affect your productivity. Update your home with ergonomic furniture from the house of Opus Indigo to enhance well being and eliminate health issues.

Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

With Opus Indigo furniture, transform Work from Home with style and increase work productivity. Each of our products has been specially designed to combat the health problems caused by bad posture so that you can work from home, stay safe and healthy.

Our Top Products


Arise Flexi converts an ordinary table into an ergonomic sit/stand table, perfect for laptop computers.

Lockdown Table

Opus Indigo Lockdown Table creates an ergonomic setup in rooms that have no space for tables. It works well for Zoom meetings.

WFH Table

A sturdy general-purpose table suitable for use with Opus Arise Flexi and EeTeeGo.


Opus Myra is a table and chair set for growing children designed to improve focus and the slouching habit of children.


A unique solution that lets you work in squatting, sitting or standing postures. Works for laptop and desktop computers as well.