Evaluation of Pyramid Workstation

2016, published in 14th International Conference On Humanizing Work And Work Environment HWWE

Abstract: Current international practice for sit/stand office furniture is to provide he...

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The interactive work place

July 2008, published in Architecture + Design.

The way people work in offices has been changing and the notion of change in work culture makes o...

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From Table to Workstation

May-June 1999, published in Architecture + Design.

There was a time when office furniture consisted of tables, chairs and storage cabinets, one for ...

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Contemporary Office Planning

Jul-Aug 1997, published in Architecture + Design.

There was a time when the planning of an office started with the owner supplying a list of users ...

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Will People Still Need to Go to the Office

July 1993, published in Inside Outside.

As compared to other building types, offices are of a recent origin. In India the office was eith...

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On Office Chairs

published by Admin

The word 'ergonomic' has now been added to the active vocabulary of office workers. Every...

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