Early in the development of office workstations, Opus Indigo decided to build the concept of energy efficiency and ergonomics in their designs. Instead of general lighting and task lighting, Opus workstations have provision for localized lighting that provides necessary illumination only where it is needed. All workstations have conveniently located power and data points. Power Towers and suspended raceways eliminate the need for false ceilings and wiring in the floor. The complete solution where furniture integrates all other factors, is cost effective and energy saving.

While panel based workstations with general lighting in the ceiling and wiring in the floor were common, Opus started using independent workstations more than 20 years back and did away with under floor wiring about ten years back. All of Opus Indigo stations are ergonomically designed to promote a healthier office work force. Computer monitors have their own place and table tops work as keyboard trays. In 2007 Opus Indigo started working with sit/stand workstations that allow different postures at the workstation. Opus has the experience of 8 years for sit/stand workstations.


Designed in response to the requirement for a cost effective and space saving workstation for a voice based BPO, these workstations come with acoustic panels for privacy and noise reduction, integrated communication wiring and lighting through ceiling and power poles.

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These ergonomically designed workstations allow for 2 large monitors, energy saving localized lighting, power and data wiring. They provide a distinctive appearance to the office.

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A cost effective ergonomic design with sit/stand workstations for a start-up company. Lighting and data wiring is integrated with the furniture. Special light fixtures eliminate provide light where it is needed and reduce power consumption. Suspended raceways eliminate the need for a false ceiling.


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Universities and colleges need computer training room furniture. Opus Indigo training furniture provides an alternative to the usual arrangement where sit at long tables along a wall or a partition. Once again, these work well with integrated lighting and power wiring.

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Designed for a wide variety of tasks, these ergonomic stations allow for both sit and sit/stand positions. They are the answer to some people in an office who want a better ergonomic arrangement than the standard workstations provide.

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The original sit/stand workstations resulted from architects’ need for collaborative work environment. The design is a departure from conventional workstation heights and arrangement.

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These ergonomically designed sit/stand workstations work well with saddle chairs. The minimalistic design uses very little material.

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These executive tables with a glass table top integrate the notice board, power and data wiring with the furniture. They can be customized for individual expression.

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Everyone uses a computer at home but usually without a table that fits within the constraints of limited space. Opus Indigo Home Workstation occupies a small area but it has space for that one needs at home- laptop computer, extra monitor, mouse and keyboard and a small printer. It also doubles as a re-charge station.

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