School/College Furniture


School and college class rooms use four kinds of furniture at present: fixed tables and chairs, fixed tables and movable chairs, movable table and chairs and chairs with small attached tables (fixed or movable tablets).

All these furniture types suffer from major limitations. Separate tables and chairs fixed or movable, take up a lot of space and because such tables are usually for two persons or more, they are difficult to move around. The class rooms are difficult to clean because the furniture legs and skids go down to the floor. The rooms are difficult to maintain as it is not possible to put the furniture aside. Fixed table/chairs are ergonomically inappropriate as the distance between table and chair needs to change for writing and reading. Computers are also used in class rooms now and the furniture does not work well with that.

Chairs with attached tablets allow the furniture to be moved around easily and are cheaper than other types. However this furnitu

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Training Rooms

Chair-a-Mez class room furniture works well for training rooms as well.
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