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Why OPUS Furniture

Opus Indigo was started by design professionals who feel that design in India needs to be specific to Indian requirements. They believe that good design should be affordable. The international designs available in India often adapt badly to Indian conditions and most Indians cannot afford them anyway.

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Most computer related health problems result from bad posture and a sedentary lifestyle.

Research has shown that mobility reduces fatigue, keeps employee morale high and reduces absenteeism. Good ergonomic furniture leads to better productivity.

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Opus Furniture fits more people in a given area by providing optimum amount of work space. Opus Indigo follows the principle of reducing, reusing and recycling material. Opus Indigo workstations are configured around the central PowerTowerTM which has integrated lighting system that function as general lighting as well as task lighting.Thus Opus furniture creates a green office environment.

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The vertical element of Opus furniture adds character and freshness to interiors. Customized privacy screens give flexibility to space planning. Quad workstations are meant for general offices that use the desktop computer.

Hexagonal design of Agility series creates interesting circulation patterns, whereas most BPOs would otherwise have a linear pattern. Sit-tall design of Pyramid workstation minimizes floor footprint.

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Distinctive Appearance

Opus Indigo furniture saves space, material, energy and time, it enhances employee well-being, improves productivity, reduces the carbon footprint, saves money. In a typical office of 5,000 sq. ft., Opus Indigo furniture adds Rs 6.95 lacs to the bottom line over a 5-year period.

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Value for Money